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How to quickly and profitably sell a house in Thailand

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The owner faced with the need to urgently sell a house in Thailand is often forced to reduce the price. But there are other ways to speed up the deal. We will examine them in this article.

Choose an experienced assistant

When choosing an intermediary agency you should find out how many objects it sells in a month, and how long it stays in the market. Generally, the more closed deals there are in agency’s portfolio, the better developed customer engagement tools and the more carefully worked out procedure of transaction it has. This will allow finding buyers quickly and going through the legal formalities smoothly. By the way, Villacarte has been working in the Thai market since 2012 and makes an average of 4 transactions per month.

Hit the target

Another important point is the niche in which the agency works. If 90% of its portfolio is commercial property, it is hardly effective in the sales of residential property. Villas, houses, apartments and sectors of land for development should have considerable weight in the catalog of the relevant company.

Assess professionalism and business skills of agents

Are managers aware of the current situation on the sales in the market, do they understand the figures? Do they quickly answer the letters or call back in the promised time? This will show how they are responsible at work.

What information about the house you need to prepare?

Firstly, high-quality professional photos are important: customers begin to choose by eye. Secondly, there is need for maximum details: age, size, layout, location, view, materials used in construction and finishing works. Invite an agent to see the house and tell him why you bought it: no one knows the benefits of your property better than you. Then the agent will present the house to buyers more confidently.

Give a competitive price

Examine in what price range similar proposals on the market are. To do this, examine the classified ads with similar houses in the same area and ask the agency for an expert assessment.

What is the optimal size of the commission?

In order to make an agency take the object into work and willingly offer it to potential buyers, the commission shall comply with the average one on the market. In Thailand the payment for agency services varies from 3% for expensive items such as luxury villa and up to 10% for inexpensive apartments.

If you have any questions or need personal advice at houses sales in Thailand, request for a call back. A Villacarte expert will call you today* and answer all the questions. Consultation is free of charge.

* From 9:00 to 18:00 in the time zone of Bangkok

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