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    Phuket, Layan

    Layan Verde

    from $169 766

    Layan Verde

    Phuket, Layan

    from $169 766

    Phuket is a place for living and recreation

    The island is wrapped in vast tropical forests, with no significant industrial facilities. These conditions foster a healthy way of life and contribute to keeping the air and water pure


    The island boasts a well-established infrastructure, featuring an airport, efficient transportation hubs, branches of diverse banks, a wide array of shopping centers, as well as medical, educational, and sports facilities


    Phuket offers numerous miles of diverse beaches, ranging from secluded bays to bustling resorts. With over 30 beaches on the island, there's a spot for relaxation to suit every preference


    The pristine waters create an unforgettable experience for seaside vacations and strolls along the shore. The beaches are renowned for their cleanliness, as local authorities actively strive to maintain the coastline in impeccable condition


    Besides its distinctive natural beauty, Phuket presents outstanding opportunities for real estate investment. A thriving market and consistent demand render it an ideal investment destination


    What challenges can be easily solved with VillaCarte when buying a property?

    Thousands of listings and fly-by-night agencies

    VillaCarte has its own database of established developers and verified property owners, accumulated for over 11 years in business

    Language barrier and cultural differences

    We've built excellent relationships with developers and property owners, so you won't experience any barriers when communicating

    Lots of legal nuances

    With our extensive experience in managing both in-person and remote transactions, you can get expert answers to your questions

    Challenges with money transfers

    We will provide you assistance in choosing the optimal money transfer method, which will minimize your losses, and maximize the speed

    Choosing the right neighborhood

    Years of living and doing business in Phuket allow us to forecast the market and recommend living areas based on any requirements you may have

    After purchasing real estate

    After your purchase, you won't be alone. With VillaCarte, you'll receive assistance both in living on the island and in managing your property

    Buy real estate in Phuket in 5 simple steps


    We personally handpick real estate options based on your goals and budget


    We calculate profitability and familiarize ourselves with the facilities and infrastructure


    We negotiate with the developer to secure the best terms possible for you and help close the deal


    We provide legal support throughout the transaction, checking the property and helping with documentation


    We will manage your property in Phuket and provide comprehensive concierge services

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      Prime proposals featuring a profit program designed to deliver consistent returns

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      Properties with excellent locations, convenient infrastructure, and stylish design

    • Luxury villas

      A collection of exquisite residences that blend elegance, spaciousness, and unique style

    Benefits of working with us

    • 11 yr

      of experience ensuring expertise at every stage of collaboration

    • 3

      development projects provide us with unique experience and expertise in income calculations and market forecast

    • 5 M

      five million THB saved by our clients with the VillaCarte Club program

    • 0%

      no commission on real estate transactions

    • 360°

      address all your real estate and living inquiries in Thailand through a single company

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