Efficient and attentive property management

    We are here to assist you with all your Phuket real estate needs, and guarantee maximum returns on your investments from any location worldwide

    Trusted property management company

    • 12 years

      of unparalleled expertise in Thailand real estate

    • 60+

      managed apartments and villas

    • 6-9%

      of investment profits receive our clients

    • 4.8

      is our properties average rating on rental services

    • 98%

      of customers satisfied with our service and ready to recommend us

    The way we operate

    • Maximum Income

      Promoting your property, increasing passive rental income, and delivering detailed monthly reports

    • Property Care

      Providing comprehensive property management on the island, covering all maintenance and operational needs

    • Owner convenience

      Addressing tax and legal matters, as well as agreeing on flexible terms of personal residence


    Increasing popularity and multiplying income

    Attracting tenants for your property and getting it ready for rental, organizing professional photography, its posting on all platforms, ensuring rating control, providing a security deposit, and guaranteeing 24/7 support for your guests. Offering analytics, keeping detailed records, handling tax payments, and transferring income monthly

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    Profitability of our properties

    • Apartments

      1 bedroom

      Average return

      5-7% a year

      Average rental period

      21 day

      Occupancy rate


    • Apartments

      2 bedrooms

      Average return

      6-9% a year

      Average rental period

      14 days

      Occupancy rate


    • Villas

      Average return

      4-6% a year

      Average rental period

      27 days

      Occupancy rate


    Taking care of your property

    Monitoring the quality of your property, conducting necessary repairs, maintaining furniture and gardens, cleaning the pool, and inspecting the functioning of ventilation, plumbing, and air conditioning systems. Providing our own technical maintenance and cleaning team according to premium standards

    Team of experts in Phuket



    With over 10 years in leadership roles, she heads a team of 25 employees and contractors. She has lived in Thailand for over 7 years and speaks Thai



    A seasoned property manager with a background working for companies in Ukraine, Israel, and the UAE. Fluent in four languages



    A property management professional, living in Thailand for over 2 years and being fluent in English

    Ensuring peace of mind and confidence

    Sending photos and videos of your property

    Covering insurance, contributions, and income taxes

    Providing transparent financial reporting

    Complying with legal and migration regulations

    See an example of monthly reporting


    What we offer

    • Profit ratio: 80% owner, 20% management company

    • Inventory of real estate to monitor condition and help with equipment

    • Own real estate acceptance standards

    • Transparent photo and video

    • Customer support and availability of security deposits

    • Individual planning for your holiday

    Hand over property management

    By clicking on the “Hand over the management” button, I consent to the processing of personal data



    Owner of studios and one-bedroom apartments in the southern part of the island at The Title V and ReLife The Windy complexes:

    “We purchased apartments through Villacarte and have been very satisfied. The service level from the transaction to the management of the completed apartments is excellent. They are always ready to help and respond promptly to any questions. We visit the island once a year and are always pleased to see our property in great condition”


    Owner of two apartments in the Diamond complex and a villa in the Mida Grande complex:

    “The Villacarte team has relieved me of the hassle and time commitment of managing my villa and apartments. After three years, I returned to the island for the first time since purchasing and handing them over for management, and I was pleasantly surprised by the income and the excellent condition of the properties”

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