Vacation and investment in Southeast Asia

Places worth visiting / 2016-08-03, 12:16

Happy Elephants in Phuket - Elephant Nature Park is to be opened

Because a brand new park is set to open very soon in Phuket, the choice is now up to you. Either you go to an elephant camp for a ride, a trek, a safari… or you decide to be responsible and to visit the new Elephant Nature Park Phuket Read full post

Places worth visiting / 2016-07-20, 11:11


Indonesia, this country from the other end of the world, its 17.000 islands trapped between Malaysia and Australia, its bewitching and exotic names, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Lombok… its 150 volcanoes, majestic and terrifying peaks and lakes amongst which the sadly famous Krakatoa, Agung or Batur… its wonderful paddy fields… Read full post

Places worth visiting / 2016-06-02, 15:28

Tourist areas in Thailand

Exotic, tropical, historic, friendly, atmospheric, cultural, modern, ancient, buzzing, sexy, smiley… From glittering temples to vibrant cities, from tropical beaches to lush nature, crazy nights to relaxing afternoons, Thailand is a pure treasure for any kind of visiting tourist. Read full post

Places worth visiting / 2016-04-28, 15:49

Sightseeing in Phuket

The island is so big (the biggest of the country) that you will hardly feel like you are surrounded by water. Instead, a combination of scenic beaches and mountain range, national parks and animated towns, rainforest and islands, temple ceremonies’ fervor and boxing days’ frenzy. Uncommon and misunderstood, Phuket will give you much more than the beach vacations you were thinking about. Read full post

Places worth visiting / 2016-04-15, 10:11


The bright tropical sun shining up high in the blue sky, the breezes blowing over warm and shallow colorful waters… Yes! You are on the beach. Not any common stripe of sand stretching along the coast. You are on your favorite beach, in Phuket Read full post


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