Vacation and investment in Southeast Asia

Life style / 2016-07-06, 13:22

Phuket in August

August! Here is a month which smells good! It smells, like summer, like sun, like heat… Well, it smells like vacation. Ok you will tell me this is true for Northern hemisphere temperate countries in Europe or America. But what does August means in Phuket? Read full post

Places worth visiting / 2016-04-15, 10:11


The bright tropical sun shining up high in the blue sky, the breezes blowing over warm and shallow colorful waters… Yes! You are on the beach. Not any common stripe of sand stretching along the coast. You are on your favorite beach, in Phuket Read full post

Life style / 2016-03-24, 12:16

Moving to Phuket: Which Area is Better?

If you are planning to spend a winter or move to Phuket, in this article we will help you with choosing the right area of the island. All the areas from north to south – make your choice! Read full post


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