Vacation and investment in Southeast Asia

Buy real estate / 2016-04-29, 18:02

Buying Real Estate in Thailand. General notions

Whether you want to buy for your retirement, as a second home or for investment purposes, you will come with a lot of questions and will have to know the rules and laws governing the Thai real estate market. Read full post

Buy real estate / 2016-05-09, 17:36

Buying Real Estate in Thailand; Steps of Transactions

Today I would like to be more specific and go a little bit further into the details, and guide you through the different steps of transaction any buyer will have to go through when he will decide to buy a property in Thailand, whether it is buying a Condo from the developer, buying a condo from the owner or buying a house and the land going with it. Read full post

Buy real estate / 2016-03-14, 17:25

How to quickly and profitably sell a house in Thailand

The owner faced with the need to urgently sell a house in Thailand is often forced to reduce the price. But there are other ways to speed up the deal. We will examine them in this post Read full post


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